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The Interconnected Body

The body and mind are deeply interconnected. Research has shown that these elements can affect each other’s ability to function and properly regenerate. Though different, the physical body and mind are part of an interconnected whole, and thus, need to be treated as such. At MediPure we work with our patients to care for all aspects of the body and mind together in order to promote healing and a higher quality of living.

The Interconncted Body

Getting to the Root

We’re committed to providing the best care possible by seeking to treat root problems–not just symptoms. Our MediPure professionals and care team work with you to give your body and mind the tools they need to truly heal themselves by taking into account past medical history, providing supplementary resources, and focusing on the key areas for healing

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Key Areas for Healing

  • Sleep Quality: Did you know that your body uses sleep to heal itself? It’s during this time the body and brain perform the majority of repairs as well as detoxify or clean out the bloodstream. It's also the time when memories from the day are stored in long-term memory. Among other things, a lack of proper sleep can weaken the immune system, decrease stamina, and cause a hormonal imbalance throughout the body.

  • Nutrition and Hydration: Our bodies use nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, water, vitamins, and minerals to heal themselves at a cellular level; these important nutrients are tools our bodies use to repair our cells, tissues, and inevitably the entire person. These nutrients are also needed for virtually every function of the body, including hormone production. Without the right nutrients and hydration, our bodies would not be able to heal and function properly.

  • Physical Activity: When our bodies are physically active, a variety of healthy chemicals, such as endorphins and serotonin, are produced. These chemicals are used to strengthen the immune system, regulate stress, and increase focus. Adequate physical activity can also improve sleep quality, and digestive system function, and strengthen muscles and bones.

  • Emotional and Cognitive Health: Every thought we have has a physiological effect on our bodies. The quality of our thoughts determines the kinds of hormones and chemicals the body produces. Unresolved stressful moments (whether past or present) lead to increased amounts of stress hormones, such as cortisol. These elevated levels suppress the immune, digestive, and endocrine systems. If left unchecked/unreconciled, stress and stressful events can lead to serious health concerns over time.

Key Areas for Healing
Our Tools

Our Tools

At MediPure we understand that most chronic and debilitating conditions can take years to develop, leaving the body and mind in a vulnerable state. To help bridge the gap between this state and long-term health and wellness, we have developed a series of supplementary resources to help your body and mind along the path of healing. These tools may be used as part of your personalized health plan. 

  • MediPure Products: Natural products developed by the researchers and doctors at MediPure. 100% natural and organic, our products are designed to work with the body to support the organs’ natural ability to restore health by helping cells 1. activate anti-inflammatory molecules, 2. regulate inflammatory markers, and 3. utilize nutrients more efficiently.

  • Cognitive Therapi: An online guided program to help educate and provide the tools necessary to create genuine change - emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

  • Health Education: To keep you empowered and understanding how to maintain your health, we offer free health education online via our social media accounts. 

  • Additional Health Professionals: Aside from Medical Doctors, MediPure has other health professionals, such as psychologists, physical therapists, nutritionists, pain experts, and sleep experts to help you on your health journey.  Depending on your needs, you may also have one of these professionals work with you as a part of your plan.


Our Approach

We work with our patients to treat root problems by approaching the mind and body as an interconnected whole through the key areas of healing and carefully considering past medical history. Personalized health protocols are created with these elements in mind to help our patients restore their health and develop habits that will help them achieve a higher quality of living.

Lasting healing and wellness cannot be achieved without your personal involvement in your health care; your personal commitment to your health plan is vital.

While achieving lasting healing and wellness may seem daunting, we promise to support you every step of the way and provide the best care we can, one day at a time.

Our Approach
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