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A Christmas Thought

I’ve always enjoyed Christmas.  There’s something about this time of year that brings people closer together.  There’s something particularly special about seeing kids and their faces during the Christmas season.  Regardless of economic circumstances, the fact that things tend to slow down the two weeks between Christmas and New Years, allows each of us the chance to focus on what matters most.  Such time provides time for reflection and insight.

As much of the world takes time to celebrate Christmas, I wanted to share some thoughts that can be applied to our lives.  The principles that come to mind can be applied whether or not we choose to celebrate Christmas.  Notwithstanding belief or creed, there are eternal principles that link us together as a human race.  The Christmas story, as well as others that can be found in every culture and country, provides illustrative examples of how to live.  The key is to remain perceptive to the impressions that come as we listen to them.

Many of us are familiar with the fact that Christmas is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.  There is however, a story within the story of Christmas that has always intrigued me.  This is the story of the wise men.  Not much is known about the wise men.  The only description we really have about them is that they came “from the east to Jerusalem.”  We also know that they followed a new star that appeared in the sky.  According to historians certain countries had manuscripts and writings that indicated a new star would appear with the birth of a new ruler.  With Jesus’s birth, the wise men noticed the new star and followed it until they arrived to their sacred destination, where they paid homage and tribute through offering gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense.

What I find fascinating about this account is the star, mainly because as far as we know there didn’t appear to be anything special about it.  Nothing is said about this star being extremely bright, a different color or there being any sort of marked differentiation that would cause it to stand out.  Additionally, there are millions, if not billions of stars in the sky.  How would one even notice a new star?  As I think about the story, I believe the lesson learned from the account of the wise men is three fold:  being aware, looking up and following through.

There is no way the wise men, could have known of the new star if they had not taken time to study.  This made them aware of the world around them and events that were to come.  When you become aware – habits change, paradigms shift, priorities are modified and behaviors change.  Once they were aware, I’m certain they started forming new habits.  One of these new habits must have included periodically looking up in search of the new star.  I can only imagine how many nights must have passed between when they became aware of the star that was to come, and when they actually saw it.  I can imagine the wise men spending hours looking up, only to see nothing new.  They may have even been mocked by family and friends telling them they were wasting their time.  It would have been easy for them to give up after days, weeks, months or even years – with nothing to apparently show for their investment of time and efforts.  They chose however to press forward in their endeavor and not betray what they knew to be true in their hearts – that a star would appear.  Eventually the star did appear.  Not knowing precisely where it would lead them, but reminded of the impressions they felt when they first became aware of the star, they followed through and allowed the star to navigate them to Jesus Christ.

During the next few days as we spend time with loved ones, I hope we can all be sensitive to the impressions that each of us will receive to improve our relationships, health and lives.  As these impressions make us aware of changes that need to take place, may we cherish and remember those moments.  Remembering to remember gives us the strength to continue to look up and follow through towards our goal, regardless of whether or not others find it foolish.  May we be patient with those that don’t see things the way we do.  Just because we feel an impression to extend a hand of forgiveness to others does not mean they will accept it or ask for forgiveness in return.  People cannot see what they are not aware of.  Our goal is not to convince, manipulate or argue our way into having people understand.  This mode of thinking is extremely inefficient and very unhealthy.  As we stay true to the impressions that come to do well, to be good and to find good in others, people will convince themselves of the pureness of our intentions.  Lives will be edified and health will improve.

I have found that by keeping these things in mind, we are enabled to act on true principles, allowing you to develop into a better son or daughter, brother or sister, spouse and parent. This is where true true treasure is found.  These are the titles of recognition that make us a better person and bring a peace of mind, ultimately leading to better physical health.

From all of us at Phytotherapi – we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

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