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Additional tips for cancer patients

Cancer is a battle well worth fighting; it is in fact a battle that can be won by the body.  When a person is diagnosed with cancer, doctors and others in the health industry typically don’t spend the time to talk through important variables that cause cancer.  Cancer patients are usually left on their own to deal with the depression, anxiety and sadness that accompanies a cancer diagnosis.  This causes a high level of stress that adversely impacts the body’s ability to overcome cancer.  It’s extremely important to recognize how much of an impact our thoughts have on our physiology.  Being in constant stress or fear activates biochemical processes that triggers and accelerates tumor growth.  

In order to truly win the battle there are three important factors that need to be kept in order.  This is important to note, since the misbalance of these factors leads to cancerous cell production.  In order to change the micro environment where cancerous cells are located, it’s important to focus our attention and have the willingness to change the conditions that foster cancerous growth.   The three factors are:

  1. Nutrition – essentially what we decide to put in our bodies

  2. Waste Matter – what we currently have in our bodies in the form of unwanted toxins and chemicals

  3. Mental – how we view the world and our perceptions about it.

These factors are critical.  In order to conquer cancer we must change certain habits to provide our bodies the tools it needs to build up a healthy state again.  The following are tips are meant to bring these factors back into balance.


The only way our bodies can receive the tools it needs to fight cancer is through the nutrients it receives.  Most times this comes from what we eat.  Lack of nutrients means a weak body that won’t be able to make the changes required at the microbiological level.  The wrong kind of nutrients will also act as a catalyst to spread cancer.  So in a very literal sense, our food is our medicine when it comes to fighting cancer.

First make sure that you eat 5 small meals each day.  This will allow your metabolism to work at optimal levels to extract nutrition from the foods you eat.  Avoid any pre packaged foods of any kind – no matter how healthy the label says it is.  This includes cereals, frozen foods, canned foods, etc.  Do not consume white sugar or white flour.  Avoid sodas, juice purchased from a store or anything else where there is sugar added.  High levels of sugar in the blood stream mean higher levels of insulin.  This alters specific hormone production that impedes our body to complete important everyday functions.

Avoid animal products where the animals are raised using hormones or antibiotics.  This includes meat, egg, milk and cheese.  The synthetic hormones that are given daily to animals will be present in the products these animals produce.  This is important because these synthetic hormones create an unbalanced production of other important hormones – specifically estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  Imbalance of these hormones promotes tumor growth.

It’s also important to also avoid any fruits or vegetables that have been grown using pesticides of any kind.  When pesticide is used, there is always a residual effect that takes place on the produce.  As a result when we eat them, toxins enter our blood stream.

Waste Matter

Since we’re talking about toxins, it’s important for us to avoid anything that would expose us to manmade chemicals.  This includes exposure to solvents, paints, chlorine and other cleaners used.  Many of these chemicals cause our bodies to produce an excess amount of estrogen, putting our hormones out of balance, and fostering tumor growth.

Using the wrong kind of deodorants are also culprits since they are used under the arm, where the chemicals are easily absorbed into the bloodstream.  Avoid any deodorant that uses aluminum of any kind as part of their ingredients.

Detoxification is important to remove waste that is already in our bodies.  We have to remember that waste is always naturally occurring as cells die and are replaced by new ones.  One of the best ways to ensure that detoxification takes place is to get 8 hours of sleep every night.  The body naturally removes waste as we sleep, but it requires 7 – 8 hours to do so; anything less than that will not allow our bodies to remove toxicity.  Along those same lines make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water per day to help in the detoxification process and provide the body the hydration it needs to perform its cellular functions.


There is no mistake that how we think affects our physical health.  There are a number of ways to help improve mental/emotional well being that we’ve found to be extremely effective.  If possible, light exercise is recommended.  If energy levels or other factors prohibit light exercise, playing board games about 3 hours every week with family or friends helps put the mind at ease.  Entertainment can also be used as a great tool to relieve our minds.  Watching a good movie or show for about 20 – 45 minutes a day is recommended, however you should avoid entertainment that includes scenes where there is heavy drama that includes disturbing scenes such as murder, rape, adultery, or excessive profanity.  These kinds of scenes create emotional impulses that affect that amount of stress our minds incur.  The same also goes for books. Listening to music is encouraged as long as the message/lyrics are uplifting.  If you like to sing or dance, doing so for 10 – 15 minutes per day is another great way to relieve the mind.  Similar to what was mentioned regarding entertainment; you should avoid listening, singing or dancing to music that is degrading, contains explicit lyrics or are depressing or saddening.

Despite how far along you are in cancer, you should continue to prepare for life.  Work on upgrading your professional skills by spending some time each day researching, learning, participating in seminars or webinars.  If you are retired, work on learning a new skill.  If married, spend some time alone with your spouse at least once a week by going on a date and continuing to cultivate and grow the love and friendship you enjoy.

Spend some time meditating and expressing gratitude in your mind for all that you’ve been given.  Think about the good things that you’ve been able to experience in your life.  While we tend to be critical and dwell on the negative, when take some time to become more aware of how blessed we are life becomes full of meaning and joy.  Enjoy life and all that it has to offer you.  If you see life through the beauty of its existence things tend to become clearer.  Offer service to those around you as well, including those you don’t know too well.  When we serve we become connected to those we serve regardless of their background, social status, language, socio-economic standing, etc.

Cultivate compassion for yourself and others. Love starts within and begins with the amount of respect we have for ourselves.  Forgive yourself of errors you’ve made.  Learn to accept your imperfections.  When we do this we’re able to love others and accept their imperfections as well.  There is a great feeling of peace that comes when we realize that although we certainly want to strive to be the best person possible, perfection is not required in any aspect of life.  Along those same lines, forgive others of their mistakes.  Nothing good comes from resentment.  By releasing feelings of animosity we let go of unnecessary stress that holds us back from happiness.

Phytotherapi Support

There are solutions we provide to help our bodies through this battle.  Through using them many have found success in achieving their health goals.  Take some time as well to read our blogs.  We address a number of topics, but many of them have to do with our mind and how to reconcile stress in our lives.  For anyone going through cancer, including loved ones affected by those who have been diagnosed, there is always hope.  Maintaining a genuine positive attitude makes all the difference in overcoming this obstacle.

It’s okay to feel scared, but remember that many times fears come from false information that has entered our minds.  As false paradigms are removed, the body is able to heal itself more effectively.  Phytotherapi is dedicated to guiding you on your way to well being.  As you can see, it takes a multi dimensional approach that takes mental, emotional, physical and spiritual factors into account.  By looking at health through the whole lens, our body will have a much better opportunity to conquer cancer.

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