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Cancer and Stress, part 2

In continuation let’s further discuss the issue of chronic stress. We detect danger through our senses which then lead to specific thoughts about the world or situation before us. With chronic stress, certain thoughts are repeated. In our lecture about neuroconnections, we talked about how when we think about something, the thought is stored in a neuron. As we continue to think about something specific, a new neuron registers this information and is connected to the first one. More and more neurons get connected the more we think about the same thing. We literally create a network and circuitries with our thoughts.

The danger we sense through thoughts could be completely conceptual: my son doesn’t love me; I’m not worth anything; I’m not doing good at work; etc. This causes the stress mechanism to turn on in the limbic area and send signals. The neocortex area will renew and assess this information with its trillions of files, and will find files that contradict what our stressful thoughts or perceptions are saying. The neocortex will then send signals of information to your conscience at the limbic area, and the stress mechanism will stop as we realize what we thought was wrong or incomplete. My son actually does love me; I am worth something; I can do better at work. Under normal circumstances, this stressful episode will be reconciled and stopped.

Chronic stress, on the other hand, is when we don’t follow the impressions coming from the neocortex. We want to be right, we want to manipulate our own minds into feeling sorry for ourselves and feeling like the victim. The continued use of this stress mechanism will create an alert set of neurons. The amygdala, in the limbic area, in charge of processing, saving and assigning neurons at every learning opportunity to an emotion, gets turned on. This traps us as negative thoughts increase. Fear, resentment and other strong emotions build up.

So, with large amounts of stress, and chronic stress being present, we suppress the immune system. This is well-known in science. We lose our defenses against cancer, and tumors start growing faster under chronic stress. Stress hinders our ability to defend against cancer, to put it straight-forward.

What happens in terms of our cancer progression? Being under a lot of stress puts you into a mode for cancer to grow, increasing your risk of getting cancer. Once you have it, chronic stress helps promote tumor growth. There is an interaction between our thoughts and cancer progression, a connection between the two. Increased stress, leads to an increase of glucocorticoid.

Even metabolic defenses start getting impaired. Our ability to get nutrition to healthy cells gets affected. This is not good, because we need the rest of the body producing different chemicals to ensure there are no other distractions for the immune system while we’re battling cancer cells. Insulin resistance also becomes an issue. Hormone issues as well. Incorrectly made hormones are usually dumped out by the body, however when they reach cancer cells, the cancer uses these improper hormones to increase their own size and growth.

The picture gets very complicated after all of this happens. When we sit around, thinking constant stressful thoughts, we turn on this stress mechanism and create an opportunity for cancer cells to grow. Cancer progression is about how fast the tumor grows. Once it’s there, it’s a matter of taking advantage of the rest of the body.

This is a very difficult thing to go through. Many of people go through cancer, billions of dollars are spent on it–all because of a tsunami of problems being swept onto our heads. But that part isn’t considered when we are put through medical treatments. A lot of hard work has been done to study the issue of cancer, a lot of dedicated people involved, but unfortunately there’s very little being done about chronic stress. That’s why this is challenging. With the amount of people who already have cancer, this is already worrisome. Some major stress illnesses that have been studied are depression and anxiety. These increase possibilities of cancer.

For instance, let’s examine what happens when somebody is diagnosed with cancer. The moment the bad news is given, there’s an immediate effect. People don’t recall stressors they have, so it’s hard to recognize because the focus is put on this bad news they’ve received about having cancer. After a few days of diagnosis, patients will remember all the stressors in their lives and unreconciled issues. This creates an even bigger problem, because now previous events start triggering the mind and building up to put the person into a higher risk, creating huge problems.

This is what we need to heal this disease: We need the right nutrition, the right amount of hours of sleep. Physical activity when possible, water intake, recreation, spiritual connection, quality relationship connections, brain connectivity through learning, and exposure to good entertainment. What happens to cancer patients due to stress being built up is usually the opposite of all this. Negative thoughts, shame, feelings of closeness to death, guilt, victimization, disconnection to others, low levels of stamina or disposition to learning, no good entertainment and enjoyment, lack of peace. This place that the brain gets into, helps cancer cells to grow.

What is the Phytotherapi model? We have to consider the immune system, chronic stress, nutrition, good entertainment, connection with family and friends, learning, building up stamina, sleep, physical activity when possible, connection to loved ones and to God. Our solutions and protocols which cover all these areas of concern includes to treat family of their emotional stress. There are cases where some medical tumor removals have to be done because of the size of the tumor, or other treatments might help in those cases. A need for a complete comprehensive protocol ensures less damage being caused during these medical treatments.

What a wonderful thing to know, that all the information needed to heal ourselves is already in our body, and all we need to do is remove what’s creating the problems: psychological effects of stress we create. As we observe the world around us, all the neural maps we’ve created, if they’re set on negative thoughts, will make us see the world as a problem. We help our clients to change those neural circuitries through techniques and uses of phytochemicals and nutrition. The brain can heal, and as the brain heals our body also heals. It’s our sincere desire to reach out and help family members being affected as they see their loved ones with these diseases.


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