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Cancer – touching more people

For more than 40 years the fight against cancer has largely been ruled by the view that genetic mutation is solely responsible for tumor growth. Ideologies, however, are starting to shift.  This is primarily due to the fact that the therapies created to block genetic mutation has in large part been ineffective.  Some therapeutic approaches also can appear to be promising at first, but over time make little difference because of the many mutations that take place within the life of a tumor.  This makes it impossible to chase every mutation type with a specific treatment.

It’s also important to note that how tumors behave is directly associated with the environment that surrounds it.  A few variables that impact tumors include: hormone production, use of antibiotics, nutrition, synthetic additives/chemicals in food, constant contact with contaminants such as cleaning products, stress, synthetic drugs, etc.

Due to an increase in the number of cancer cases, almost everyone has been touched by the devastating effects of this disease.  Whether through a relative, friend, neighbor, co worker or our selves, there is no doubt that cancer can touch the lives of anyone.  This blog is dedicated to inform all readers about cancer, including what it is, causes, and how we can prevent it.

Cancer occurs when there is an excess amount of abnormal cells dividing and reproducing.  It’s important to note here that abnormal cells grow all the time.  Most of the time though, our immune system picks up these cancerous cells and either eliminates them or controls them from spreading.  The key with cancer is that the growth happens uncontrollably.  As enough abnormal cells grow, tumors form and begin to consume nutrients that are meant to feed healthy cells.  This prevents the nutrition and energy healthy cells need to ensure that organs and tissues perform correctly.

So how do abnormal cells form in the first place?  This process begins when there is damage that occurs inside the cell – within the nucleus in the DNA.  The cell loses its ability to repair cellular damage and begins acting abnormally.  Part of that abnormality includes uncontrollable growth.  Like all living things, cancerous cells need nutrition and crave processed foods in order to continue to grow.  Since cancerous cells can adjust to different conditions, harsh physiological conditions such as nutrient deficiency do not inhibit or prevent their growth.  Similar to bacteria, cancerous cells can also build a resistance to drugs meant to eliminate them, such as chemotherapy.  As abnormalities continue, cancer cells also send powerful signals to nearby blood vessels to ensure that new branches of arteries are built around them for the sole purpose of providing the nutrition it craves for continued growth.  Additionally, cancerous cells create barriers that prevent the immune systems from eliminating them.  It’s interesting how manipulative cancerous cells are as they don’t follow the same rules that healthy cells do in order to sustain life, order and health.

So is cancer a death sentence?  The answer is no.  The architecture of our body is built in such a way so that we can win and defeat these hostile cells.  The key though is that we provide our body the ability to defeat it.  Here is some tips/advice on how to enable your body to rid itself of cancer.

Avoid consuming food products with any type of synthetically added chemical component that colors, flavors, preserves or provides texture to natural food.  More than 5,000 chemicals have been created that can be found in packaged, frozen, boxed and canned food.

Be aware of the fact that industrialized live stock farms that raise animals use synthetic hormones and antibiotics on a daily basis in order to accelerate the growth and weight of their product.  This create tissue damage in the animals and leaves residual contaminants such as drugs that you consume when you eat the meat or any other animal product such as milk, cheese, eggs or butter.  Consuming the residual drugs found in these animals affect our endocrine and immune systems, leaving our body susceptible to cancer.  So if you eat meat, be sure to consider the source and buy products from farms that don’t raise their animals with unnatural components.

Exposure to chemicals and contaminants has also been proven to weaken our bodies in such a way that makes us more susceptible to cancer.  While most of us don’t handle chemicals on a consistent basis, it is easy to be exposed to the pesticides that are commonly used when growing fruits and vegetables.  These chemicals penetrate our skin and create genetic damage within our tissue.  The best way to prevent exposure is to become familiar with organic food and begin to replace fruits and vegetables for organic ones.

From an emotional and mental standpoint stress is an emotion/feeling that must be controlled and reduced.  It’s been proven that prolonged feelings of stress produces high levels of cortisol, affecting the way our metabolism, endocrine and immune systems work.  Under normal conditions, immune cells are very powerful and able to recognize and eliminate cancerous, abnormal and weak/sick cells.  Constant stress weakens the immune’s systems ability to do so.  Additionally, stress affects our brain’s ability to create healthy hormones.  This is extremely risky because our entire body depends on hormones to transmit important messages.  In short, stress and anxiety, and any other prolonged negative emotion  puts our body in a situation where it becomes so weak that it works on battling multiple problems, causing our bodies to become less resistant to cancerous cells forming and growing.

The good news is that our body can heal itself in the fight against cancer.  We have to ensure that is has all the nutrients it requires.  This comes in the form of eating a variety of different vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains, legumes, mushrooms, protein and healthy carbs.  Without providing the material our bodies need to function it cannot perform its natural healing abilities.  It’s important to understand that poor nutrition will always lead to health issues.  While it may not lead to immediate problems, over time healthy cells won’t be able to compensate for all of the sick ones.

As you can see the ability to truly prevent and heal from cancer comes by addressing damage.  The only way to truly address that is to provide our body the tools it needs that can only be found in a healthy diet that is free from artificial chemicals or preservatives.

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