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How Phytotherapi’s Products Work

In meeting with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, I’m commonly asked how our products work. It’s a great question and one that I enjoy sharing with others because of how much I love science and biology. Applying what we’ve learned through research and study and seeing how our products and solutions have helped thousands of people improve their health is something that really brings a strong sense of service and satisfaction.

Understanding cellular behavior and communication

All of our products are based on cellular signaling, stimulus and reflexes. Certain phytochemicals from plants are selected according to certain characteristics they posses – specifically their chemical and electrical charge properties. However, before we even get to the point of selecting which phytochemicals to include in our formulations, we study extensively to understand the chemical changes the body goes through when there is a chronic illness or condition that takes place in different organs. We also look into the chemical activity the body undergoes during the healing process.

Throughout the entire body, whether internally or externally, every single cell that makes up every single kind of tissue contains specific proteins and other chemical components on their cellular membrane. These proteins and chemical components are dedicated to capturing stimuli that come from within their microenvironment. Stimuli such as heat, pressure, light are all captured. Any chemical whether natural or synthetic, organic or inorganic also produce a stimulus. The presence of molecules that come from internal or external microenvironments are also captured such as micronutrients, poisons, toxins, hormones or minerals such as potassium and its ions. Even sensations of touch, no matter how light, are captured by cellular membranes as well.

As cells come in contact with stimuli, interpretations take place. These interpretations produce an electrical signal that is passed over to the closest sensory nerve. This information is then transmitted to the central nervous system through interneurons. These electrical impulses are then passed over to motor neurons so that they can be read. Upon reading the messages and data contained in the electrical signals, the motor neurons begin to fire off, sending a separate set of electrical signals to a specific organ or tissue, commanding them to complete a specific task. This process is known as the reflex phase. Anything from commanding the pancreas to produce insulin, using the rest room or moving our hands if we’ve been exposed to heat or extreme pressure goes through this cycle of stimuli to reflex.

As an example, a beta cell in the pancreas is responsible for the production of insulin. Stimulus occurs whenever we eat. Eating creates a change in the microenvironment produced by an increase in sugar levels in the blood. Sensors in beta cells capture this change and electrical signals with this information are sent to the closest nerve cell. The message is sent to the brain and read by billions of neurons. Each of these neurons contains millions of points of information and data providing each neuron an understanding of what course of action to take in order to normalize blood sugar levels. These neurons transmit the message on the course of action to take through nerve fibers or axons. Through these neural activities organs are regulated and commanded to take action in order to bring balance to the body.

These messages are sent by the brain by virtue of chemicals known as neurotransmitters. At the very end of the nerve of the axon is a synapse. The synapse does not touch any organ. Instead through electrical signals, synapses are stimulated and release neurotransmitters that diffuse across receptors to the cells that they are targeting. Neurotransmitter molecules latch on to receptors, causing changes to behavior and altering function of the cells they are targeting.

Hormone production is also initiated by reflex cycles as information is communicated by our cells to the brain. This process enables all organs to function smoothly – in other words this allows us to live and avoid early death or chronic illness.

Serious health problems occur when the process of healing is not working as it should. This occurs when the signaling and communication cycle is not working properly or is unable to be completed.  All process require this communication cycle, including mitosis which is the process responsible for the creation of new healthy cells, and apoptosis, which is the process responsible for the elimination of unhealthy or abnormal cells.

An increase of toxin load due to unhealthy cells forces healthy cells to retain more calcium.  While this is a protective measure the body has in place to protect itself, over time this mechanism puts the body at a disadvantage. This is because an increased presence of calcium reduces the oxygen intake of the cell. As a consequence changes occur with the production of redox molecules within the cell. This affects the ability for the cell to communicate stimuli surrounding it and consequently affects the reflex cycles mentioned earlier. Communication from cell to cell and between the cells and the brain is indispensable for proper organ function and activity. Because of weakened communication, there is an increase of unhealthy cells, causing more damage. Because communication is hindered it becomes difficult to make repairs and the removal of unhealthy cells through apoptosis becomes impossible. This creates the perfect microenvironment for the development of chronic illness.

Examples of how solutions work

Now that we have an understanding of cellular health, communication, stimuli and reflex cycles, let’s review how our products work. Through sensory receptors electrical charges are produced. When we select the components that make up our products it’s important that we select organic ingredients. The reason why this is vital is because the chemistry of the phytochemicals in our products must produce the right stimulus in order to achieve a desired effect in the tissues. The ability for each element to produce desired stimuli is measured by the hertz of the electrical charges they create. There are tables that we’ve created that help pinpoint the amount of MHz that healthy cells produce as well as the MHz that unhealthy cells produce. Healthy people have a MHz reading of 80 – 90. Using this as a base, the selection process takes place regarding which components and mixes make up a particular product.

As an example, let’s take a look at our weight loss solution. Weight problems occur when adipose cells are overloaded with fat. This creates an inflammatory state with the adipose cells. Due to the fact that these cells are inflamed, they produce a specific set of electrical charges. We select some phytochemicals that are able to trace this specific charge, allowing the body to map all areas where there are inflamed adipose cells. The phytochemicals create an external stimulus and adipose cells send signals to the brain essentially telling the brain this is where we have extra energy/fat that can be used. These signals are captured by the nerve cells which are closest to the adipose cells and liver. A reflex response takes place as adipose cells send excess fat to the liver, which in turn transforms fat into energy for use within the body.

Another example we can look at is our diabetes solution. This solution takes into consideration cellular signaling, immune system response, apoptosis, cellular regeneration, decreasing fat surrounding the pancreas and liver and utilization of available nutrients. All of these areas have to be functioning correctly in order to be healthy.

Because of how common pharmaceutical drugs are in addressing chronic diseases such as diabetes, let me spend a bit of time providing a general overview of how they work. Forcing cells to change through the internal consumption of chemical components found in drugs is unnatural and seen as foreign in the body. Because pharmaceutical drugs act like neurotransmitters they selectively bind to receptors in cells to modify metabolic activity within the cells and genes. They also produce undesired consequences as they interact with cells that are not their intended target. With the cells that they are supposed to target they produce a temporary sense of relief, however they do not create a permanent state of healing.

For our diabetes solution we use several products that promote a stimulus effect that allows the body to fire action potentials, initiating anatomical and molecular sensory responses. These responses initiate a pathway that begins the normal healing process that the body undergoes. In addition to using our products, the diabetes solution also includes following certain protocols. These protocols address proper nutrition, deep rooted stress or anxiety and sleeping habits. The results when following the program are nothing short of extraordinary. As visceral fat decrease, the apoptosis of unhealthy cells is realized, the proper regeneration and mitosis of healthy cells takes place, and nutrient absorption improves. Additionally we’ve seen insulin production increase and improve, so that within 45 days people have been able to stop their use of medication as sugar levels go back to normal. None of this is magic, but is attributed to the wonderful mechanisms that the body already has in place. It’s simply a matter of helping these mechanisms work properly again so that the body can restore its health.

We’ve also been able to help thousands of people who suffer from chronic stress and depression. Our solution basically works the same way. People apply our solutions externally on specific areas on the skin. As the skin absorbs them they are able to pass the brain barrier. The electrical charges of the components in the phytochemicals used promote a sensory response. As a result as stimulus effect occurs, creating a reflex in the amygdala and the basal ganglia – two areas of the brain that are affected when we’re under stress or depression. Releasing excess neural activity and calming this area of the brain makes it possible to have more tranquility as the stress mechanism is stopped. Once the stress mechanism is stopped the body also stops creating excess cortisol. This allows the cerebral cortex the ability to once again communicate with the conscious part of the brain, the limbic system. This process allows us to see things more clearly, allowing us to perceive with clarity whether or not things we perceive as dangers or threats are in fact real or a false perception.

A couple of final thoughts

Whether it’s diabetes, chronic stress, weight management problems or any other disease, every solution is based on the same clear understanding – in order to restore health we need proper nutrition and the ability to remove any chronic damage that is taking place in our mind and body. Doing so creates a platform for our body that makes us sustainable so that optimal health can be restored.

Happiness is only obtainable as we live by the laws that govern all things included within our body. Our body is designed for well being. Phytotherapi has a mission to research continuously so that we can deliver the tools for the body and knowledge for individuals so that they can achieve what we all dream about – optimal health and well being mentally, physically and spiritually.

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