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The mind and body heal themselves

One of the most intriguing abilities our body possesses is the ability to cure itself.  This precise, yet complex self healing process is driven by regeneration. Stress, wear and tear, bad nutrition, lack of activity and any sort of abuse creates bodily damage. The ability to self repair and self renew is a role that every cell in our body is able to perform. In fact, each cell contains very specific information regarding reparation. This mechanism has its foundation based on specific cycles that perfectly time the death of cells and tissues and create the perfect replacement for them at the point at which the cells’ life cycle ends.

This process begins at the very sign of damage and is proactively working every second of every day to keep us alive and assure that we’re functional enough to carry out our responsibilities for the day. During this process the brain gathers information from every single cellular activity in the body. That’s quite a feat when you consider that our body is composed of hundreds of billions of neuron cells, all of which account for cellular activity that produces billions of points of data and connections that take place every tenth of a second. The body is constantly self measuring itself in real time to understand the amount of nutrients currently available, pH levels, water content, internal and external temperature, sugar levels, blood pressure and other measurable factors, all of which are received by the brain. The brain processes and prepares signals that stand ready with information to respond to imbalances that may occur.

The brain uses this real time data to prepare any necessary signals that contain information on how to respond to any imbalances in the body. Through hormone production and using the nervous system, the brain sends neurotransmitters and other chemical molecules to activate the mechanisms that assure cellular function. This includes creating order when there is disorder and regulating all physiological activity. This ensures that nutrients are delivered properly through the circulatory system and that food is metabolized and digested correctly through the digestive tract – all of which is critical for the regeneration and reparation at the cellular level. This is all quite remarkable considering that the brain, our most important part of our body, only weighs about 2 lbs. yet is made up of hundreds of billions of cells with the capacity to make billions of connections per minute. These connections come from information gathered from previous knowledge as well as new and old experiences – all which are captured through our five senses.

The body also uses signals to regulate temperature and detoxify, which is a must to assure removal of dead cells, endotoxins that are produced as byproducts in the body and to eliminate parasites, viruses and bacteria that have been killed or neutralized by the immune system. The immune system also mobilizes whenever there is damage created by the body to prohibit infection and remove damaged cells – including ones that can potentially create tumors and lead to cancer.  By regulating all of these important mechanisms and processes, the digestive, hormone/endocrine and immune systems are all kept in balance, allowing for the full cycle of homeostasis to take place.

In addition to the lack of important nutrients, disruption in the health of the mind will always create a lack of balance and dysfunction.  Prolonged periods of stress always promote unhealthy outcomes. Stress for instance, doesn’t allow the brain’s many memories and experiences to stay intact, nor does it allow new ones from being correctly captured and stored for long term recollection. The combination of eating healthily and reconciling stressful events in our lives is the difference between whether we will avoid disease, age early and maximize our body’s self healing capacity.

The miraculous way that our body regenerates and heals is awesome.  From muscle strengthening and regeneration that takes place from physical training and exercise to how our own skin completely replaces itself every 4 weeks, it’s amazing how well and how often our body physically renews itself.  Even when we’re sleeping hormones are released to help repair damage and strengthen the body. At the same time however, if we’re unhealthy our body finds ways to balance itself out. For example, if the body detects something wrong with certain skin cells, those cells are replaced every 5 days instead of the normal time of 4 weeks. This is part of the countermeasures the body takes in order to prevent skin cancer.

The circulatory system is another fascinating part of the body that contains trillions of blood cells. These blood cells work in conjunction with protective cells, known as endothelial cells, which are located inside blood vessels to regulate blood pressure. Along with the heart, a powerful pump made up of 4 to 6 billion cells, our circulatory system constantly works to supply nutrients to remote areas of the body. Without the intelligent logistical nature of this system, sustaining life would be impossible. Even when there is blockage, new blood vessels open up to continue the flow of blood within the body.

Within the circulatory system another important system resides, known as the lymphatic system. This system focuses on keeping the body clean by removing waste material and toxins. It also provides a network of routes, similar to highways, that our immune cells use to mobilize throughout the entire body and remove sick cells and disease causing pathogens. The respiratory system also plays an important role in keeping our body clean. Oxygen is an obvious need to sustain life, one of the reasons being that it helps clean out our interior. The respiratory system, composed of lungs, bronchioles and other tissues, filters and purifies roughly 5200 gallons of air that pass through every 24 hours.

Believe it or not, sleep is also a biological tool that our body uses for extremely important functions. Appropriate sleep times include 7 -8 hours for adults and 9 – 10 hours for children. During this important time new neuron connections occur, a critical process for memory creation and retention. The body’s detoxification mechanism is also initiated during sleep. Cells that have died throughout the day are dismantled. The process of removing these components occur during those sleeping hours as the kidney removes waste, the lymphatic system provides the highway routes to transport the waste and the liver removes contaminants and toxins. Over time, if we miss hours of sleep we can cause irreversible damage to our brain and body.

With the marvelous gift that is our body, and all the 200 different type of cells that are organized within tissues, organs and glands, our body works tenaciously to keep illness, premature decay and sickness away. Every day we walk around completely unaware of the constant battle our body goes through in order to maintain health. That’s why abusing our minds and body – through unhealthy habits – can go undetected for years.  It’s also the reason why for some people, they feel like their body literally begins falling apart out of nowhere. I mentioned earlier how our heart will open up newer, smaller arteries if main arteries are clogged. This however, is meant to be a temporary rescue that our body provides to buy us time to change our eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and emotional stress.

Can our body tell us when something is wrong?  It absolutely can.  Early on, if our nutrition is poor, our digestive system will start revealing something is wrong.  Infrequent bowel movements, excess gas and other uncommon digestive symptoms will begin appearing. Consuming excess sugar or animal fat will also always create inflammation and cause our stomachs to appear slightly bloated. When we have negative or improper thoughts, our minds will always provide an initial impulse or desire to stop thinking in a certain way. Our eyes, skin, hair and other parts of our body also show early signs of damage. Notwithstanding the signs we have, if we continue to live the same lifestyle, eventually the body is not able to maintain itself as the temporary fixes it provides as a work around to existing damage fail.

When we look at how the mind and body are constantly regenerating, one thing is certain. Our existing body is never older than 6 months.  60 million cells die every second. While that may sound like a large number, it’s relatively small when you consider the body has over 60 trillion cells. Even though our cells are all young, the reason why we may look or feel old when we’re young is based on our lifestyle. If our body is always under constant stress and physical damage the actual total number of cells we have begins to decrease. While this naturally occurs as we age, many of us greatly accelerate this process due to lifestyles that promote damage. We begin to look older than we actually are, wrinkles appear and energy levels decrease.  In order to avoid illness, disease and chronic stress, lifestyles have to change in order to allow our bodies the ability to heal and provide us with the proper biological clock of our age.

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