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Toxic Thoughts

Lately, we’ve been introducing some great new recipes with detoxifying properties; we’ve also given some practical advice on creating non-toxic household cleaners. With all of the talk regarding toxicity, it’s only appropriate we also highlight how toxicity can affect the mind.

Since we know that the mind and body are one, the importance of keeping the mind free of toxic thoughts is equally as important as detoxifying the body. So what do I mean by “toxic thoughts”? Well first let’s take a look at the definition of toxic. It means anything that is poisonous. Poisonous refers to anything causing or capable of causing death or illness if taken into the body. Since our actions develop first from our thoughts, toxic thoughts will produce toxic actions.

Our minds are the most efficient internet search engine. When you ask yourself a question, your mind searches its database for an answer, even if it’s not an accurate one. If you state negative opinions as fact, your brain will search its archives for evidence to support that “fact”.

Let me give you an example. If on a consistent basis I say to myself, “I’m no good at my job,” my brain will think of that as a fact. It will find examples of times that I made mistakes on the job and it won’t even bother looking for examples of times I did a good job. As a consequence my morale goes down, my drive to improve in my job and any momentum I had before disappears, and that may result in having to meet with my supervisor or some other corrective action. Now, when that happens, my brain will say, “See, I told you, you were no good at your job!” becoming a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will. Since our actions develop first from our thoughts, toxic thoughts will produce toxic actions.

Some other examples of toxic thoughts are:

  1. Criticizing others, including yourself

  2. Feeling like a victim

  3. Negatively labeling others, including yourself

  4. Assuming negative intentions

  5. Judging others, including yourself

  6. Resentment

  7. Anger

  8. Jealousy

  9. Being dishonest, including with yourself

I know, I know, the thoughts and feeling above are all natural, human reactions. I’m not saying you will never have them. No one is perfect, nor can anyone expect to be. What I am saying is that you don’t have to stay in the land of toxicity. Staying in this toxic state of mind produces a negative emotional state as well as irrationality. Along with this, brain function is affected and the body will pay the price. But here is the great news; The mind has the ability to change this state. Just think of it. Your body has the ability to naturally detoxify. The amazing human body has been designed with the tools to rid itself of the toxicities that WOULD occur. HERE Likewise, the mind has an amazing capacity to also rid itself of toxic thoughts that are part of the human experience. This is our mission as a company. We don’t just want you to have better health, we want to empower you with the tools to also have a remarkable, happy, and fulfilling life, no matter your circumstance. For this reason, we have developed protocols to help heal the body AND the mind.  To learn more about how the mind and body can heal themselves, you can read this post here. Have you ever had toxic thoughts? What have you done to improve this state? We would love to hear from you! Post your comments below.

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