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Apple Cinnamon Smoothie

Recipe Highlights

  1. Good source of fiber

  2. Source of protein

  3. Anti Inflammatory properties

Start the fall season right with this simple power-packed smoothie. The crisp apple makes this recipe an excellent source of fiber–with the cashew (or almond) milk providing the protein your body needs. To top it all off the cinnamon adds flavor as well as anti inflammatory properties.

Important Note – Phytotherapi’s weight loss or diabetes protocols use a specific Nutritional Guide.  If you’re currently undergoing those protocols, wait until after you’re done with the program before having this smoothie. 

Ingredients (yields 1 serving)

  1. 8 oz of cashew or almond milk, unsweetened

  2. 1 Gala or Pink Lady apple, cored and chopped

  3. ½ tsp. cinnamon

  4. ½ tsp. vanilla extract

  5. 1-2 Tbsp. Agave or real maple syrup

  6. ½  C ice


Place all ingredients, excepting the ice, in blender. Process for 1 minute on high speed. Add ice then process again for 20 seconds. Serve and enjoy.

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